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412 Exhibition's 13500 Exhibitor's Data (135000+)

Indian Exporter and Importer (All Trades) Data (89796+)

Indian Manufacturers (All Trades) Data (109000+)

All India Dearler and Distributors (All Trade) Data (48218+)

Companies Corporate, MNC, LTD (All India - All Trade ) Data (102000+)

All India SME (Small & Medium Companies) (All Trade ) Data (500000+)

MSME Members (All Types - All India) Data (16819+)

Pvt. Ltd. Companies (All Types - All India) Data (150000+)

Event Planners, Organizers, Management and Services (All India) Data(26737+)

International Importer and Buyers From 200 Countries (All Trades - All Products) Data (40787+)

Gulf Countries (All Trades - All Product) Data (26076+)

South East Asia - Importers & Buyers - All Product Data(12475+)

International Exporters & Sellers (All Trades) from 45 Countries Data (37000+)

USA, Canada, Mexico (All Trade) Importer & Exporter Data (5432+)

Bangaladesh & Sri Lanka Importers & Buyers Data (1122+)

China & Taiwan Exporters & Sellers (All Trade) Data (26971+)

Europeon & African Countries Importers & Exporters All Trade Data (16249+)

Importers & Buyers of Australia & Newzealand (All Product) Data (1219+)

Tuition & Coaching Centres (All India) Data (24623+)

Gym & Fitness Centers (All India) Data (11894+)

Tours & Travels Agency (All India) Data (26343+)

All Types Plants & Machinery (Hydralic, Pneumatic, Rubber, CNC, Lathe, Forging Cutting Data (50211+)

All Types of Automation Instrumentation & Control Products & Equipment Data (19699+)

Tools (Power, Cutting, Electric, Crimping, CNC, Hand Etc. (All Types) Data (16607+)

Used Machinery & Tools (All Types) Data (1330+)

Auto & Automation Spare Parts, Assemblies & Fittings (For Two, Three, Four Wheelers) Data (19266+)

Electric Vehicles Parts, Kits & Accessories Data (1024+)

Electrical & Electornics Components, Equipment, Fittings, Materials, Services etc. Data (58639+)

Solar, Energy, Renewable Energy Products & Spare Data (6009+)

Led, Lighting, Luminaries Products, Fixtures & Fittings Data (26410+)

Security, CCTV, Surveillance, Equipment & Devices Data (21678+)

Safety & Fire Fighting Products, Equipments & Sevices Data (4654+)

Metals, Minerals & Alloys Products, Machinery,, Plants, Equipments & Material Data (15134+)

Retailers & Traders(All India - All Types) Data (100000+)

All India Purchase/Procurement Managers, Officers & Dept. Head Data (20283+)

Garments, Hosiery, Textile, Ready-Made etc. Products, Material, Machinery & accessories Data (5367+)

Logistics, Cargo & Transporters ( All India) Data (12344+)

Rubber Products, Machinery & Material Data (5700+)

Gift & Novelities (All Types) Products & Materials Data (12880+)

Stationery and other office Supplies Products, Machines, Materials & Accessories Data (5367+)

Pharma, Medicine, Drugs & Acid Related Products, Equipments, Materials & Packaging Data (23581+)

Chemical Products, Equipments, Machinery & Materials Data (3816+)

Water Purifier, RO System, Filter Related Producgts, Spares & Materials Data (1475+)

Hospital, Medical, Laboratory, Scientific, Surgical Equipments & Materials etc. Data (4617+)

Cosmetic & Beauty Products & Materials (All Types) Data (1500+)

Herbal and Ayurvedic Products & Material Data (1516+)

Plastic & PVC Machine (2425+)

Plastic, PVC & PP Finishing Products, Parts and Fittings Data (6411+)

Moulds & Dies (All Types - All India) Data (3697+)

Scrap & Waste (Plastic, PVC, Copper, Paper, Steel, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Metal Etc.) Data (1167+)

Packaging Machinery & Equipments Data (6010+)

All Types Packaging Materials - Boxes, Label, Stickers, Foam, Thermocol, Wrap, Foils, Tapes, Films, Tags, Trays, Cork, Paper, Etc. Data (7138+)

All Types of Packaging Products - Bags, Socks, Bottles, Cans, Containers, Boxes, Tray, Jars, Tupperware, Disposables, Data (9226+)

Printing Machinery & Spares Data (8051+)

All Types of Paper Products & Material Data (4653+)

Construction, Building, Hardware, Bathroom, Sanitary, Plumbing, Interior Etc. Related Products, Machinery, Material & Service Data (10830+)

Architects & Interior Designers (All India) Data (66628+)

Cranes, Elevators, Pulling, Lifting, Material Handling, Equipments, Spares & Services Data (8975+)

Bathroom Products, Fittings & Accessories (All India) Data (11020+)

Furniture, Hardware,Fittings & Material (Wooden, Steel, Plastic, Office, Home Etc.) Data (8191+)

Real Estates, Builders, Developers, Construction Companies (All India) Data (34657+)

Pipes, Pumps, Valves & Fittings Products, Machinery & Material Data (7497+)

Food & Processing Equipment, Machinery,Products, Materials & Services (All India) Data (35000+)

FMCG (Food, Beverages, Household Goods, Beauty, Cosmetic, Healthcare, Personal Care & General Consumer Goods & Products) Data (44000+)

Hospitality Related Products, Equipments, Amenties, Services etc. Data (5954+)

Agro & Agriculture Products, Equipments & Implements Data (5221+)

Mumbai/ Maharastra Business, Industry, Trades Data (422000+)

Gujarat Business, Industry, Trades Data (207000+)

Delhi/NCR Business, Industry, Trades Data (175000+)

Haryana Business, Industry, Trades Data (56603+)

Rajasthan Business, Industry, Trades Data (109000+)

Uttar Pradesh Business, Industry, Trades Data (91300+)

Punjab/Chandigarh/Himanchal Pradesh Business, Industry, Trades Data (52488+)

Madhya Pradesh/Chhatisgarh Business, Industry, Trade Data (41802+)

Kolkatta/ West Bengal Business, Industry, Trade Data (67526+)

Bangalore/Karnataka Business, Industry, Trade Data (216000+)

Hyderabad/ Telegana Business, Industry, Trade Data (67767+)

Chennai/Tamil Nadu Business, Industry, Trade Data (139000+)

North East India Business Industry, Trade Data (8527+)

B2B Companies List in India

Global Lead Center has been serving the market since 1996. We are working dedicatedly and earning the position of being the most recognized and exclusive database supplier. We are ahead of our competitors with our B2B Companies List in India. Thus, we know business-to-business data is the foundation to grow any business in the market, so we have been offering this data for years.

B2B Industries List in India

Want to generate potential leads for your business? If "yes", get the B2B Industries List in India from Global Lead Center. We are here to offer you the renowned b2b Data Provider list. With the help of this page, you will get details of all Indian B2B data in excel format. Stay tuned and read out all the information before downloading the data.

B2B Data Providers in India

Global Lead Center, the one-stop solution for your B2B data requirement! With the motto to help businesses build connections with other businesses and brands, we provide b2b data that enhances business sales and helps them grow their market. However, there are endless b2b data providers in the industry, but finding a reliable one is the real task! Here on our platform, you are discovering the refined data that will accomplish your business requirements.

With our premium B2B data, you will get all the essential information on industries offering business-enhancing opportunities. Proudly we call ourselves one of the leading B2B data providers, assisting our clientele with quality-prone and valuable data. Coordinating with us will give you fruitful results. Call our team for further details.

B2B Database Providers in India

Global Lead Center is the right platform for your B2B database search. We present the latest B2B data that will be a foundation for your business growth. If you are excited to get the exact information, download the B2B database, click on the below-given link, and check out the details about downloading the B2B Database Providers in India in an excel format. Read out the guidelines.

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